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Circular motion calculator to calculate centripetal acceleration, angular velocity, speed, period, frequency and radius parameters of a uniform circular motion in physics.

Circular motion formulas, which are used for calculations, are given below.

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Frequency f=1/T
Angular velocity  w=2π/T
Speed  v=2πr/T=wr
Centripetal acceleration │ac│=v2/r=w2r

Uniform Circular Motion Calculator

Circular Motion Calculator:

Radius [r]
Angular Velocity [w]
Speed [V]
Period [T]
Frequency [f]{block name="guanjianci"}{/block} [Hz]
Centripetal Acceleration (ac)

Note: Use dot "." as decimal separator.

Parameter  Solution Unit
Radius [r]
Angular Velocity [w]
Speed [V]
Period [T]
Frequency [f] [Hz]
Centripetal Acceleration (ac)

Note: Default rounding is 5 decimal places.


Centripetal Acceleration (ac):The rate of change of tangential velocity.

Frequency (f): The number of rotations of object around the circle per second.

Period (T): The time required for one complete revolution of the object around the circle.

Speed (V): Describes how fast an object is moving.

Velocity: Describes both how fast and in which direction the object is moving.